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Rates on the rise, but are they here to stay?
06 April 2011

When talking about the future of rates there are many factors to consider among them are the local economy, world economy, Bond Markets, World Markets, and current political climate.  But predicting the future of rates is like predicting where a helium balloon will end up if you let it go.  You got a general idea based on the direction the wind is blowing but that can quickly change.

Thing that fixer-upper is a steal? Think again
25 March 2011

There is a certain romance in popular culture around the ‘do-it-yourself’ renovation, spawned by ads showing smiling, stress-free couples nonchalantly flirting over bowls of cereal in their Euro kitchens or effortlessly applying the latest paint colours to quaint summer cottages; but many who have lived through a major do-it-yourself project will warn that costs can quickly spiral - especially if you're not as 'handy' as you might think.

Mortgage Agents Aren't Bad, But There Are Bad Agents.
04 March 2011

Whether you are buying a home, refinancing or renewing your mortgage you are the client and should be treated with respect and professionalism.  Here are a few examples of Mortgage Agents who were not doing their job.

Consider the advantages of refinancing your mortgage.
23 February 2011

Refinancing could be just the thing to set your credit score back on track, reduce your monthly obligations, and save you thousands of dollars as well.

First time Homebuyers have some distict advantages.
10 February 2011

If you are a first time homebuyer you have access to programs to help you afford the purchase of that home.  The government has rebates and refunds for you!

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