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Mortgage Renewals are a Magical Time
20 January 2011

Is your existing mortgage coming up for renewal?  Finally you have all the power.

How to Apply for a Mortgage in Canada?
19 January 2011

Straightforward yet complex...  Applying for a mortgage in Canada can be both, not to mention stressfull.  Here is a guide that will provide you with information that is not commonly available to the consumer. 

Changes to the Mortgage Market – One More Step to Keep Our Housing Market Stable
17 January 2011


New mortgage rules announced January 17th 2011 by Finance Minister Jim Flaherty targeted yet again at borrowing guidelines for Canadians.  The guidelines will take people out of the housing and mortgage market but there is still time to take advantage.

HomeBuyers Capitalize on Low Interest Rates While You Can
06 January 2011

“Like low interest rates? Get them while you can”

Canadian Real Estate Market Defies Predictions with Strong Rebound
01 September 2009

Canada’s real estate market is bucking the global trend, with analysts predicting prices will actually increase over 2009, despite a poor first quarter.

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